Dad Shirt

What is Dad Shirt?
Dad Shirt is a short-sleeve polo shirt crafted from soft and breathable cotton.

Do I need to be a dad to wear a Dad Shirt?
No. Do you need to be a crocodile to wear a Lacoste shirt? Do you need to play polo to wear a Polo shirt?

So... Dad Shirts are for everyone?
Yes. But especially dads, step dads, and aspiring dads. It's the perfect gift for new dads and Father's Day.

Say I'm an average dude who has a child, but I don't own a Dad Shirt. Am I really a dad?
Not really. A dad without a Dad Shirt is like a unicorn without a horn: a fraud.

That's just a horse. Why are Dad Shirts so expensive? Don't they cost about a penny for you to make?
Listen: Dad Shirt isn't a charity. It's a for-profit business. Maybe you don't know anything about businesses, but they cost loads of money to start and even more money to keep going. We have so many bills to pay, it's disgusting. There's the web-hosting bill, the cotton bill, and the button bill, just to name a few. Oh, and do you think our baby model worked for free? He didn't. Because he's a pro. So forgive us for charging more for a Dad Shirt than what it costs to make. Next question.

Why are you getting so upset?
We're a little stressed. Calm us down by buying a few Dad Shirts, please?

Why did you start Dad Shirt? The world already has enough men's apparel companies.
We started Dad Shirt for dads. Think about it: Millions of companies make maternity clothes. One of the perks of being pregnant is all the cool new clothes you get to wear. But what about dads? How many companies make paternity clothes? Zero. Well, there's one: Dad Shirt.

I hope you realize that maternity clothes exist because women gain weight when they become pregnant. They need large, loose-fitting clothes. Dads don't need paternity clothes. They can wear whatever clothes they wore before their wives became pregnant. In fact, one could argue that the idea of “paternity clothes”
is ridiculous and offensive to mothers. 

Question time is over. Go buy a Dad Shirt.

Wait! I have lots of money and would like to invest in Dad Shirt. What should I do?
That should have been your first question, friend. Please email us immediately.