Dad Shirt

Created Here - Dad Shirt
Dad Shirt is a line of paternity clothing for men—well, heck, anybody! Because an embroidery of a father swaddling an infant in a Baby Bjorn is a style anybody with a sense of humor and who's ever rocked a crocodile / polo player on their chest can get behind.


Travel + Leisure - A Father's Day Gift Guide for Travel-Minded Dads
Who needs a tiny horse when you can wear a polo shirt adorned with a BabyBjorn-wearing papa. Classic, lightweight, and machine-washable, it’s the perfect gift for a soon-to-be dad.


Vice Magazine - A Father's Day Gift Guide
Of all the gifts you could give a Dad this Father’s Day, the Dad Shirt is at the very top of the list. What guy doesn’t appreciate a nice polo shirt? This particular item also happens to be a million times cooler than anything with a guy on a horse or crocodile because instead it features an embroidered dad holding an infant in a Baby Bjorn! Seriously? How fucking cute is it to see a dude taking pride in the fact that he just made a baby? It doesn’t even matter if he doesn’t have a baby—attached or not, that guy is getting laid. It’s maternity clothing for dudes and it’s mega sexy.


9Bliss - Father's Day: The Dad Shirt
With the new Dad Shirt, you can quickly cross off what he’ll wear from your list. Forget the horse and stick – try packing this fun one-of-a-kind polo for a dad-to-be. We love the soft cotton fit and special embroidered father and baby silhouette logo. New dads will get a kick out of the personalized shirt. In fact, we think it might just be the inspiration they need to add a little bottle-feeding to their game day routine. Choose from a variety of colors including blue, pink, grey and black, and let their multi-tasking begin.


Best of the Rest: Exotic Animal Eyeballs, Chocolate Drones, and Dad Shirts 
...Got our paternal game on with these rad Dad shirts (literally, they're called Dad Shirts). Shout out to our homie at Vice Magazine, Ryan, for sending these our way—just in time for Father's Day.


From Dude to Dad
Get your guy to ditch the horse and pony with the new Dad Shirt, a cool take on the classic polo.